Woodworking - A Great Profession Choice For A Startup

Woodworking – A Great Profession Choice For A Startup

by Rohan Mathew

Making anything with wood falls under the title of woodworking. It can be an interesting pursuit and an outlet for your creativity.

When your passion for woodworking becomes a profession, it can not only result in a new collection of creative items but can also turn into a gig that can be the source of recognition and livelihood. Woodworking is diverse. It can be a great artistic pursuit. From rustic greenwood to magnificent and precise cabinet making- it includes everything. It is an affordable material that is great to work with.

What is woodworking?

Wood is a material used in almost every home furniture and fixture and even construction. In short, woodworking means making wood usable to fulfill different human needs. You can create wonderful pieces from wood.

Wood is a great material

Humans have shown their creativity by making their shelters with wood in the past, and since then, wood became a great resource for constructing houses and other buildings. 

But that doesn’t mean the wood is used only in making buildings. Nowadays, wood has replaced many other materials that were once considered the best. So from making the structure of the house to the furniture inside it, wood has become an indispensable asset to humans. 

Woodworker or Carpenter 

With the changing world, the nature of the conventional profession has changed tremendously. So the previous title of woodworking, which was carpentry, cannot be used in the same sense anymore; woodworking has expanded much more than that. Carpentry only refers to the structural woodwork in the home building that is carried out on site. 

In a broader sense, woodworking can include carving, sculpture, cabinet making, and interior design. 

Woodworking as a Hobby

As a hobby, woodworking can be very appealing and a source of satisfaction. It is always a pleasure creating things out of a raw piece of material and giving it a new shape according to your vision. 

Woodworking as a profession

The art of transforming raw materials into decorative products can be a fantastic source of earning. You can study Tom Bradly’s life being a successful entrepreneur from once a college dropout. 

Start by making gifts for family and friends to check whether this is actually a good choice for a profession. If you want to take this adventure, read on to know some basic tips I can share with you.

1.Types of Wood

There is a huge range of tree species used for different purposes. The use of different species of wood varies, depending on what kind of woodwork you need. So the primary tip I can give you is to select the right species for the woodwork. The use of plywood in making cabinets or shelves is now seen as ubiquitous since people now tend to look for handy things and attractive designs. Plywood is softwood and can be used to create the perfect designs; it is easy to make them artistic. Whatever you make, you need to be aware that the wood tends to change its form with the weather, can expand or shrink, and warp or cup from its internal stress. Baltic Birch is a type of plywood that is easy to work with.

2. A Perfect Place for Your Stuff 

When you want to take your hobby seriously or change it into your profession, the second thing you need is a perfect workplace. To create, shape, and transform the wood piece into art, you need a spacious place which can be your rooftop or basement or even a place in your backyard. A backyard place can be the best fit since you will get a tranquil vibe and a calm ambiance to think deeply and precisely. Create storage space to keep supplies, tools, and wood. Wall shelves or cabinets can be used to keep your hand tools for regular use.

3. Basic Woodworking Tools 

Before selecting wood and placing it in a perfect room, you need to get the basic tools. Before that, you ought to know the usage of the tools. Since you are a beginner, you must not buy extremely expensive tools in the first place. You can follow the given guide to set up a workplace:

  1. A Table Saw: 

To build shelves and boxes, you need a table saw. But as a beginner, you should buy this at a cheap price.

  1. Sander: 

Sanders helps you smooth rough edges in the wood easily.

  1. Square: 

You might need this to square your product.

  1. Miter saw 

It provides trim and fixes to make your product more accurate.

  1. Router:

To make your rounding more smooth or sharp, you can use this; do not buy it for more than $70.

  1. Bar clamps: 

Even if you are an amateur, you must know what a bar clamp does. It is another fundamental but fairly reasonable tool to assemble your products.  Well, the list is not comprehensive but is a good starting point for a startup.

When you start generating ideas and transform them into products, you will know what you need further. Ensure all the required instructions, measurements, and information are there before you start your project.

Free Time Isn’t Free Anymore

When your purpose is to create and sell your creations, there is no end to thinking and developing more and more products. So spend your free time surveying, planning, and executing. Understanding woodworking plans, safety measures, clean-up, handling tools, and going through online basic courses can complement your hobby and fulfill essential requirements as well.

Safety Measures

Woodworking may be your passion. It can be a satisfying hobby, but it can also be a danger. Some tools are exceptionally risky if you are not careful enough. The following measures can mitigate the risk to some extent.

  • Always keep your safety gear around and use it before starting.
  • Make a checklist of required materials and an estimated cost.
  • Checking each machine before operating is a must.
  • Wear a dust mask and eye protection.
  • Learn the proper technique for using hand tools. This comprises hand tools such as chisels and augurs, as well as power tools such as lathes, routers, and drills.
  • Do not forget to switch off your machine when you finish off for the day.

In addition, proper and regular maintenance of your tools is compulsory to make them work more rapidly and accurately.


Woodworking requires both adequate knowledge and its application. Your creation of art can be treasured for generations. Fulfilling your passion and making it an earning source can be great fun and exciting. 

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