10 Hobbies That Can Make Money

What do you do during your free time? Some sleep to let pass the time, while others enjoy doing their hobbies, developing skills, or meeting new people. But, do you know you can make money while doing your hobbies? 

Many people have not thought of making money with their hobbies, they only do it for fun; but if you take it seriously, it can be a source of income. Maybe you thought you did not have hobbies that could help make money. Well, perhaps you do, but simply do not know where to start!

Here are 10 hobbies that can make money:


How much do you love writing? Do you know writers are the most needed in digital marketing? If you are passionate about writing, you can rent out your skills or build a platform. Some go further by establishing their career in writing. Meanwhile, others create a platform where they can share their ideas. 

Content writers have niche expertise. But, if you want to manage a blog, you can pick your niche and build an audience. Whether you are into travel, food, or tech, you can start a blog and monetize it. 

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Landscaping and gardening have been popular hobbies since the pandemic started. Many people do gardening and landscaping to become happier and healthier.

Some people do not have time to take care of their gardens. That’s why it is a good start to begin skiing around the local neighborhood. 

 These green thumbs consider gardening or landscaping a seasonal guide. 

Drawing or Painting

If you are artistically-inclined, you can receive extra money from doing it. This kind of hobby is quite appreciated  by the general public. So if you have posted some of your drawings or paintings on the Internet, you might receive some commission requests. That’s one step further to your dreams. 

Personal Shopping

Even before the pandemic, becoming a personal shopper has been a big deal. If you like to shop, bargain, swap meets, or order things around, this job is for you. Although some are into buy-and-sell as much as they love shopping, others would prefer to hire a personal shopper. 

Personal shoppers know what kinds of merchandise is easily sold and those that aren’t. Moreover, if you are a personal shopper, you have to ensure that the things you are about to purchase are original. Let’s say you were asked to choose a ring for a client. Do not purchase jewelry anywhere. It should be from a reliable jewelry wholesaler.


If you are fond of capturing every passing moment, photography can be the best hobby for you that can make money. 

Most people who are into photography now work as freelance photographers. However, in photography, you have to travel for events and gigs. Moreover, it is seasonal, so it is best to maximize your resources. You can sell shots or photo prints for a side hustle. 

Music Teaching

Music teaching is probably one of the hobbies that usually leads to tutoring. You do not have to be an expert in music teaching. You can be an intermediate level and tutor beginners or those who do not know an instrument.

It is primarily parents who are looking for music tutors. It is almost every parent’s dream for their child to be musically-inclined.


Even before, DIY and crafts have been a popular way to earn money. You can do several things on your own and sell them afterwards. Some create bath bombs, candles, jewelry and more. 

Most people prefer handmade as it ensures the product’s quality, care, and uniqueness.

Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking are things we do when we are bored. We love to experiment with new recipes. But, as you know, people with adventurous palettes end up exploring new tastes. So, if you want to make money with your hobby, you can create a food truck or food delivery business.

Fitness Training

If you love hitting the gym, you can make money from it. Personal trainers are quite in demand these days, and your gym is probably looking for a few more. Although you may need a few certifications to be a qualified personal trainer, the requirements are easy to achieve.


Gaming is the most common pastime hobby of teenagers and young adults. However, they are skeptical if they can make money with gaming. Well, if you can get other people’s attention, it can potentially turn into money. 

Most gamers now use the “let’s play” or “play with me” video format. Moreover, they can live stream their games on multiple platforms. These video content formats will result in a significant income. Thus, if you are already a gamer, you can fully understand and take advantage as an entrepreneur. 

Final Takeaway

We all love to do our hobbies; you have to be streetwise if you want to make money out of it. Making your passion a job could mean challenges, as the thrill and excitement of doing your hobbies are replaced by exhaustion and struggles. Thus, it is best to always pursue your passion and interests without affecting other aspects of your life.

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