6 Crazy Ideas for a Girl’s Night Out

Going out with your girls is really exciting, especially after having long weeks with busy schedules. Sometimes you need the crazy to unwind and have a good time with people you love and trust. There is no better way of doing that than planning a girl’s night out. If you are a mom, don’t worry, hire a babysitter or leave them with your spouse. Get ready, do your makeup, wear that sexy dress, and hit the road with your crazy squad. 

Some of the things you can do on your night out are as follows.

  1. Go To a Club

Going out to a club is the ultimate way of having fun at night. You and your girls can choose your favorite club or go to a new club if you feel a little adventurous. Clubbing is the best way to unwind from a long busy day at work. Get drinks and get wasted but do it responsibly. Before going to the club, you can all dress up and do makeup to look stunning. Go the extra mile and add some lash extensions, wigs, and some exemplary heels.

For the lashes, you and your friends can buy wholesale 6D faux mink lashes to cut the expenses. Moreover, for safety issues, do not forget to have a designated driver or schedule a cab. This way, you can have all the fun you want without thinking of how you will get home. 

  1. Sing Your Hearts Out at a Karaoke

Go attend a karaoke and sing your hearts out. What better way to spend your night than to sing your favorite songs together with your friends. It is the best idea for a crazy night. Of course, you cannot do it sober; get some drinks to get a little bit tipsy, just enough to sing and have a good time. It doesn’t matter whether you sound like a melodious bird or a sick horse, just sing the night away and I promise you, you will have the best night of your lives. 

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  1. Go Out for Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t love food? Not me and most definitely not you. You and your girls can go out just for food and drinks. The best way to do it is to get a list of restaurants you have never gone to and select one at random. You can then go and try their delicacies and it might even become your favorite yet. Some restaurants offer discounts or have special offers such as an additional plate on certain days and nights.

Take advantage of these offers to pay less but eat more. Also, take this time to go to extraordinary places like floating restaurants and enjoy the cool breeze while having a glass of the finest wine in town. 

  1. Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are not for kids only; you and your girls can still go and have some great time there. Amusement parks are filled with many thrilling activities to do that will get your heart rates high. You can try the roller coaster rides; you will have slow moments and thrilling downward movements, making you scream at the top of your lungs. Additional rides are like flat, Ferris wheels, dark, water, railway, etc. 

Moreover, you dont have to worry about getting hungry since the park usually has food stalls and snacks you can buy. Also, some parks even have photo booths where people can take funny pictures as memoirs of the crazy night you just had. 

  1. Attend a Concert 

Buy tickets and attend the next concert in your city. Most concerts are usually held at night, and many people are in attendance. It is the perfect way to spend a girl’s night out with your besties. The concert will be enjoyable, especially if it’s your favorite musician or band performing. Since it will be cold outside, make sure you dress well in a nice warm outfit such as a parka jacket. Also, carry your essentials properly; things like car and house keys, money, and phones. 

  1. Have a Casino Night

Are you into gambling? Even just a little bit, well we’ve got the perfect idea for you. Arrange for a casino night with your girls and get into your competitive mojo. There are various games at a casino, such as poker, blackjack games, video slots, classic slots, roulette, scratch cards, wheel of fortunes, and many more. These games expose you to winnings or losses, depending on how lucky you are. 

Casino nights can be once in a while thing to prevent any addiction to gambling. Also, before going in, make sure you set aside money you are willing to spend on the premises to avoid overspending and losing all your money. Create a budget, so you play with your extra money that covers no bills. 


Every once in a while, it is good to get out there and enjoy life. The popular saying, you only live once, is true, and when it comes to a girl’s night out, you need to enjoy the night like it’s your last one. However, be careful and do not put yourselves in harm’s way. You and your girls can be on the lookout for one another to ensure that everyone gets home safe and sound after the night. 

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