6 Common Mistakes with Logo Designs and How to Avoid Them

Logo statistics show that the 60000x faster than it takes in words. With this statistic in mind, it makes sense to aim for a visually branded logo for your business.

A logo is meant to clearly represent your business and appeal to potential customers. Mistakes with logo designs will confuse potential customers and cause them to move on. 

Coming up with a logo that accurately represents your business and has wide audience appeal isn’t as simple as it sounds. Here are six logo design mistakes that you should avoid. 

  1. Forget Your Audience

Designing your logo without your target customer in mind is like shooting arrows blindfolded. For a logo to be effective, it needs to resonate with your ideal client. A logo for a kid’s party organizer will look very different from a logo for a legal advisory service.

  1. Pick Any Old Font

If your logo is going to incorporate text, don’t settle for the first font you find. Keep searching until you find logo font options that resonate with your branding and business.  that is legible when printed small, and is still attractive when blown up large. 

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  1. Too Busy or Too Abstract

A logo’s purpose is to communicate a single, clear message that sticks in people’s minds. It needs to communicate who you are and what your business is about. Trying to pack too many concepts into your logo will make it confusing and easy to forget.

On the other hand, a logo that is too abstract won’t communicate anything about your business that potential customers can identify with. Consider using a logo maker to help you get the balance just right between simple and detailed logos.

  1. Slave to the Trends

If you design your logo to match what others in your industry are doing, you risk having a logo that blends in. Make sure that there is more to your logo design ideas than just the latest trends. You want a logo that will accurately represent your business for years to come, not something that is going to look old-fashioned in a few months.   

  1. Color Clashes

It’s your logo, so you can pick any color you want, right? Not always. Colors communicate things that may not line up with your business, so pick carefully.

Color psychology teaches us that blues are associated with serenity, while reds speak of energy and passion. Keep this in mind as you choose colors for logos. Stick to two or three for an effective logo.

  1. Poor Logo Placement on Websites

When designing your website, don’t think of your logo as an afterthought to be squeezed into a gap somewhere. The top left corner of a website is the first place people look when a website loads.

Placing your logo there helps customers identify which website they’re on. Sticking your logo in the footer will make it less visible and easier to slip from people’s minds.

Great Logos Avoid Mistakes With Logo Designs

By avoiding these mistakes with logo designs, your logo will be simple, yet versatile. Choose the fonts, color, and placement carefully, and you’ll have a logo that is memorable and timeless. 

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