6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Spare Car Key

A metropolis on Australia’s Pacific coast, Brisbane is located in the southeast of Queensland. The city is the cultural, educational, and administrative capital of Queensland. Also, it is the hub for commercial and transportation systems. With more than 2.2 million inhabitants in the city, about 54% of the households have access to or own two or more vehicles. With these numbers, you can only imagine how many car key losses happen every day in the city.

Probably, the main reason for getting a spare car key is the likelihood of losing it. It is also because there is a chance that we may lock the key inside the car by accident. If you frequently lose your car key, it is best to contact a mobile locksmith in Brisbane and have a spare key done. Here are more reasons why having a spare car key makes a lot of sense:

  • Security 

In case you lose your car keys, you only need to take your car to the dealership with your spare key and have them change your door locks. By doing this, the thieves will have no time to find your vehicle and be able to open it. When you have a spare, you can get ahead of whoever found your key and go to the dealership at once. 

  • Peace of Mind

When you lock your original key in your vehicle, and you are in a rush, a spare key on hand will let you access your vehicle. If you forgot your keys somewhere, the spare key is always ready for you because you know where it is.

  • Convenience for Two Drivers

When you and another person are driving the same car, having a spare car key is an excellent idea. It can be frustrating when you are sharing a key with someone, and you don’t have access to it. But, with multiple keys, it eliminates waiting, annoyance, and confrontation. Also, if one of you loses the original key, the other driver can help with their key. 

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  • Save Money

If your car has one key and you lose it, it can cost you some money to have someone gain entry to your car. Picking the lock and replacing all the locks of the door are services that come with a big fee. Also, locking your car key inside the vehicle is not an impossible occurrence. But when you have a spare key, there is no need to break into your car. 

  • Driver Settings

When there are multiple drivers, and all of them have separate keys, it allows for driver settings. Most modern vehicles today have automatic temperature settings, mirrors, and seats. When a driver unlocks the car, the settings are changed for that specific driver automatically as per the saved configuration. In other words, the temperature will change, the seat and mirrors will move, and so on, according to the driver settings. This is one of the benefits of having multiple keys that you should take advantage of. 

  • Broken Keys

Car keys are not immune to corrosion due to constant use over time. A broken key is a huge hassle, but if you can contact a mobile locksmith in Brisbane for getting a spare key, it can make you less affected by such situations. It means having an extra car key makes life less stressful for you.

These are all good reasons to have multiple car keys but remember to keep them safe and secure once you have them for future emergencies. A spare key also makes getting a replacement much easier. If you want to save yourself time, money, and headaches, you will not want to disregard this solution. 

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