9 Practical Tips in Becoming An Efficient Worker


A workplace is a battlefield. It is a competitive environment that requires employees to go above and beyond their capabilities. Good results are expected from employees, even under pressure.

There is no perfect employee but, you could be an efficient and effective employee. It is not rocket science rather work attitude, manners, skill, and good communication. Here are practical tips to help you become a better and productive worker.

Maximize Your Resources

The technology of today is a well of resource. The web and internet made everything accessible. You can easily pool information, repair PDF, convert files from one format to another, and be present in meetings across the sea. 

You can now salvage corrupted files with the help of software and restore pdf files and other documents to a workable condition. Be aware of new software, applications, and reliable websites that can provide reliable information and help you work faster and more effectively.

Upgrade Your Skills

Learning does not end. Investing in self-development and learning will help you maintain your relevance and stay ahead of the curve. Learning will take time, commitment, and sometimes our resources.

Upgrading or learning a skill will help you compete globally. You can adapt to changes and therefore secure better opportunities for yourself.

Keep Organized

An organized workplace saves you time looking for things. Declutter and classify your stuff into its functions and importance. Use labels and organizers. This will lessen the stress of finding important files or a working pen. 

Keep a schedule or a planner. This will help you keep up with your deadlines and meetings. You can plan ahead of time and distribute work. This will help you finish more and produce high-quality outputs.

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Maintain Good Grooming and Wellness

Dressing well boosts confidence and impresses people in your workplace. Go to work in crisp clean attire and appropriate shiny shoes. Stick to the prescribed dress code. Look for the right fit and cut for your body type. You can always accessorize but avoid going over the top.

Stay healthy. Eat a well-balanced diet and invest in vitamins and supplements. Have a day to destress, have fun and let your hair down. Being healthy improves work performance and mood.

Practice Proper Communication

Good communication is essential in maintaining work relationships and exponentiate productivity. Communication increases employee engagement and improves interdepartmental collaborations. Employee turnover and misunderstandings are avoided.

To ensure proper communication, make sure that you listen carefully. Communicate face-to-face and combine verbal and non-verbal communication. You should speak loud and clear. Ask questions to avoid gossip and miscommunication. 

Be Polite

Being polite is a practical application of good manners and etiquette. By being polite, you build your credibility as a professional in your workplace. This applies to the way you speak, behavior and actions. A polite answer can diffuse high tension and settle or close a deal.

Also, you paint yourself as an approachable and pleasant person to work with. Punctuality will help you establish rapport with your workmate, supervisors, and clients. There is an increase in productivity when everyone works in harmony.

Be confident

Being confident is knowing what you are good at and acting in a way that conveys that to others. This trait does not come to everyone but, it can be honed and worked on. Confidence is not blind talk, but actions coupled with words.

In a place as hectic as a workplace, you would make decisions that require confident and decisive actions. To build confidence, you must capitalize on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Monitor your performance and seek advice and help from others.

Remain Humble

People usually overlook humility because it is frequently associated with a “weak” attribute. In contrast, humility is one attribute of a good leader. In being humble, you think of yourself less and evaluate criticism and transform mistakes into learning opportunities.

Being humble allows you to work on negative feedback and develop your work into something better. This attribute prevents you from stagnating and being egocentric. Also, you win favor from workmates and supervisors by not being boastful.

Count Every Second

Showing you value time shows how you value your work, the people you work for, and work with. Arrive at any meeting before the given time. It portrays you as a reliable, credible, and trustworthy employee.

Use the extra time to run through what you will say and check your files. This way you can compose yourself, practice, and start a conversation with people as they arrive. Procrastination is stressful, and you produce subpar outputs.

Application is Important

These tips are things we have heard of before. What makes the difference is how frequently and to what extent we apply the tips on this list. Putting things into practice will help us become better versions of ourselves.

Doing everything in a day is not easy, but not impossible. It takes patience and determination to stick with our resolutions. Trust the process. Good results will follow.

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