Style Guide For Men And Women-Ways To  Wear a T-shirt

The world has been changing rapidly over the past few decades, and so is the field of fashion and trends. The new trends in fashion have provided endless ways of styling clothes that can make you look perfectly good. Still, with so much improvement in the styling trends of clothes, people are confused about pairing up clothes that can help them look attractive.

A person can look cool by wearing the simplest of clothes like a t-shirt. You must have seen people wearing t-shirts with baggy lowers in gyms, jogging, and other areas where they want comfort. But, if you have the perfect styling guide, you can look extremely attractive even by wearing a normal t-shirt. 

A t-shirt comes in different styles like a round neck t-shirt, a v neck t-shirt, and few more styles. The main advantage of a t-shirt is that it can be perfect for every occasion, so you can buy multiple colored t-shirts to pair them up with different lower options. If you don’t want to spend your money on buying different t-shirts, you can at least fill up your wardrobe with a few t-shirts. You can prefer a t-shirt of your favorite brand and the type of t-shirt that suits you the most.

Here, we will brief you on the different styling ways with which you can wear a normal t-shirt and enhance your looks on every occasion. We have put on some of the best combinations, following which you can look perfect with minimal effort.

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Different t-shirts and their styling guide

  • A white t-shirt and blue jeans

The iconic white t-shirt is the most common t-shirt that almost everyone loves. When paired with blue jeans, it enhances the person’s looks and provides him with a cool and fresh look. Be it a personal meeting, a date, a family outing, or hanging out with your friends, this combination can efficiently cope with the clothing standards. However, you are required to choose blue jeans of the perfect fit. The jeans you choose should not be too tight-fitted or very loose. Following the above combination can make you look good. This styling guide can be followed both by men and women.

  • T-shirt and striped pants

This combination is for the people who love comfort. In this combination, you have to pair up your t-shirt with striped pants. These striped pants don’t need to be perfectly matched and can be of different perspectives, different colors, and sizes. The combination of a t-shirt and striped pants will never go out of style and provide you the perfect look. You can choose this combination as your casual weekend outfit and go on dates with this combination. Both men and women can follow this combination and look perfect in every outing.

  • Casual t-shirts and elegant trousers

Elegant trousers are a part of the latest fashion trends that provide a bold look to an individual. With the combination of a casual t-shirt and trousers, you can make yourself perfectly dressed for every occasion and leave a good impression on others. However, you have to choose a t-shirt with a tailored fit, i.e., it should not be too fit or too loose. The trousers you choose to pair up with your t-shirt are also an important consideration. The fit in this combination plays a crucial role in its outcome. So you have to keep in mind the tailored look, both for the trousers as well as the t-shirt.

  • Good quality lower with a plain t-shirt

Finally comes the part for the people who love comfort. This combination is perfectly suited for comfortable weekends. The plain t-shirt being the simplest provides the best looks and can be made up with countless outfits. A plain t-shirt is not only a wise option but also the most elegant one. You will love nothing more than a comfortable t-shirt with a lower of premium quality. However, you have to choose a t-shirt and a lower one made of 100% cotton, which will be soft and deal with all of your sweat with perfection. 

Final thoughts

The t-shirt is no doubt a clothing item that can never go out of trend. You can look perfectly fine by wearing a t-shirt and pairing it up with the perfect combinations. You can cope with the clothing standards on every occasion by pairing them up with jeans, trousers, pants, lower and any other clothing you want. 

However, you have to keep in mind the quality of the clothes you wear. The quality can either make you shine or leave a bad impression on every person you meet. So you have to make sure that you buy every clothing product from With the small detailing and the quality, you can look completely eye-catchy. Therefore, you are advised to keep your focus on investing in your clothing. You can buy every clothing product ranging from pants, lowers, trouser t-shirts, casual shirts for men and women, and many more from the online store of Bewakoof.

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