All in One Rail App for Your Smart Train Journey  

All in One Rail App for Your Smart Train Journey  

The train journey is a favourite of many of us, but its planning comes with lots of rush. How many trains run from my home station to the potential destination, which train’s time will suit my visit purpose, which trains I will take to return, the seat will be available on the train, and what will happen if my ticket will not be confirmed. 

All kinds of questions start haunting our heads, and we feel super blank and start exploring different apps to check PNR status, trains between stations, train time tables, etc. But what if we say there is an all-in-one train app that offers a one-stop solution for all your rail enquiry needs? Wouldn’t it bring massive change to your next travel plan? 

Yes! We are talking about a rail inquiry app: RailMitra, which helps you to plan your train journey smartly. 

RailMitra: All In One App 

RailMitra is an AI-enabled rail app that provides various tools to check train time tables, train between different stations, live departure and arrival of trains, order restaurant-style food online, seat availability, train fare, and live train running status. 

“RailMitra offers numerous features to rail passengers in a single place from checking train time tables to ordering food and getting it delivered to your berth. The app is launched in order to cater the quality rail services and make each train journey comfortable for every rail passenger. The app acts as a travel guide which assists the passenger from planning to executing their train journey.”

 – Manish Chandra, RailMitra Founder

Features of Railway Enquiry App ‘RailMitra’ 

PNR Status: When we book tickets, we find out that sometimes the train ticket has not gotten a confirmed status, maybe because of the festive rush, and you booked your train ticket at the last moment. In this case, you can check your ticket status to know if it is confirmed, wait-listed, or RAC. However, you can also check the 10-digit PNR status of the confirmed ticket and know the source and destination station, train time, seat number, journey date, etc. 

Live Train Status – This feature of RailMitra provides the live train running status of all IRCTC trains. It lets us know where our train is right now if it is running late and on time. The current status of the train only decides whether we will be deboarding on time or not. This feature also helps the passenger know in which corner of India their train is running and which stations they are crossing. 

Train Between Stations: The first thing that comes to mind whenever a person plans a rail tour is which and how many trains run between the home town nearest railway station to the destination. And by checking trains between stations, you can get the answer to this. On the dashboard of the RailMitra app, you can check trains between stations. It shows different train numbers, names, and travel times each train takes. 

Train Schedule: After checking the trains, the second thought that evokes the head is, what is the timetable of a train? RailMitra offers its solution too. You can check the train schedule by providing the train number or name. It helps the traveller to figure out which train time fulfils your travel needs- whether the overnight train will be good for your journey or daytime. The decision generally depends on the train’s onboarding and deboarding time.

Seat Availability: The most important query you might face during travel. Are seats available on the particular train? If not on that train, then some other trains? The seat availability enquiry feature of RailMitra allows you to check available seats on different trains and analyse which train has more chances to get a confirmed ticket. This research aids you in planning your train journey more smartly and efficiently.  

Live Train Arrival/Departure – No matter how many times we plan things in life, at some point in time, we need to rush in a hurry for some unplanned reason. Unorganised travelling is also part of it. Sometimes We need to go somewhere at short notice. Here, the Live train arrival/departure feature comes into use. It shows trains between stations under 2 or 4 hours. The feature also checks local trains’ arrival and departure times and helps local travellers. 

Order Food on Train – What to do when travel hunger hurts your belly on the train? This query always runs in the head. As food is something we can’t skip. It keeps us energetic and healthy. Worry less, satiate your hunger with some simple, luxurious, diet-freaked, or any of your favourite food. RailMitra allows you to order varieties of food on train, including veg, non-veg, Jain, and regional dishes. 

Train Fare Enquiry: When people plan their train tour, they need to make a budget. Knowing train ticket prices helps the travellers to manage their budget and numerate average travel expenses. RailMitra allows rail passengers to check the fare of different trains and classes, which helps them to choose the best train and class to travel that suits their budget. 

Station Details: This is a different feature of the railway app. Station details indicate how many trains originate, terminate, and halt at that particular station. It also lets you know services Indian Railways provide at any particular railway station, such as retiring room, wifi, clock room, restroom, etc. With this, you can get all information regarding any particular station. 

Rail News and Blogs: RailMitra keeps rail lovers updated with rail news and travel blogs covering vast Indian networks. Rail news includes special trains- Indian railways run during festive seasons, IRCTC tour packages, changes Indian Railways bring, new train launches, etc. In addition, the rail blog section provides leisure reading, multiple travel tips, destinations one can plan to visit, and foods you must try on Indian rails.  

This way, the app offers all the required information in a single place, letting the train passenger stay stress-free and enjoy the journey efficiently. RailMitra ‘s features are easy to use, and its user interface is friendly.  

You can download its app on your android phone to explore its features. Alternatively, you can visit its website when you need it. Ease your train journey with all one RailMitra railway tool.