Five Tips to Remember Key Topics While Studying 

Do you often find it difficult to memorize the key concepts in a chapter while studying? Or do you often land in difficulties while framing the answers to a question in an examination[;, hall? Are you struggling with memorization techniques for quite a long time? If yes, you are in the right place. Here, in this article, we will tell you some amazing tips and hacks that help improve your memory and help remember the critical topics better. 

In the list that follows, we have come up with a curated list of the top five ways that not only enhance your study time but help to store the information right into your head clear and crisp. Eager to read? Let’s find out. 

Five Key Memorization Techniques to Remember Key Concepts While Studying 

With the onset of the pandemic, there has been a significant change in the study methods and the entire education industry itself. Before the Covid outbreak, traditional systems were persistent with little to no interference from digital tools. The online education mode got major prevalence during the lockdown period. However, with things starting to get back to normal, offline mode is returning. 

With the introduction of many complex concepts, you might find it overwhelming at times to memorize the concepts together. Whether it is a regular curriculum from textbooks or an upskilling course from an online course selling website, the tips will help you have a competitive edge over your fellow learners. 

Tip 1 – Organizing your space: Concentration is a chief factor that helps you focus on the lesson better and cuts down the possibilities of multitasking. \Make sure your study space is well-organized, free of mix-ups and all the materials are in one place. Consider setting up your desk near a window that ensures proper warmth and comfort. Being comfortable is among the major parameters that help store the information in the brain crisp and helps you memorize better. 

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Tip 2 – Learning with activity: One of the most crucial memorization tips for studying is learning it while you do it. While you learn a topic by acting it out, it ensures top-notch engagement with the ‌learning resources and triggers you to work one’s socks off to remember the concept. The process is interesting, as it helps crisply deliver the knowledge into your memory. 

Tip 3 – Revising your study materials: Revisiting your learning resources even after you’re done reading them is significant. It helps you with different segments, such as 

  • Revising your study chapters is the major way to sharpen your understanding of the topic concerned.  
  • Regular revisions (at least once in two days), help you grab the root skills of memorizing while upgrading on the learning ladder. 
  • It supports the process of constant learning and bettering your knowledge to a broader perspective, rather than revolving around textual facts and figures. 

Tip 4 – Consider Reading on Paper: With so many platforms to create and sell online courses available today, digital reading has gained importance. However, studies prove students prefer studying using papers to long-term gaze on computer or phone screens. Unlike desktop reading, reading on the white paper will help you with the spatial memory too as it helps you remember a specific bit of information by where it was there in the book copy. 

One of the key memory techniques for studying is reading through papers and it helps keep the focus on your lesson. If you have online PDF notes, consider taking a printout and reading from the hard copy. It might discard the possibility of multitasking while studying and help you concentrate on the resource. 

Tip 5 – Teaching the concepts to someone else: Have you ever tried explaining your study concepts to another individual? That tick works wonders after the right execution. One of the significant tips to memorize faster is by teaching the same concepts to someone else. Powerful reiteration is among the finest hacks that help you encode the critical concepts right into your head. While you teach and explain, you get into an in-depth analysis of the concepts and conclude. It helps in better personal understanding, thus ensuring a strong memory. 

The Bottom Line 

The above hacks can serve you great results, only if you plan to follow and execute them well. No matter how hard it might seem to stick to a particular concept, you’ll need to be persistent in doing it. With these amazing tips in store, what’s there to worry about? Start practicing today! 

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