Five Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

Five Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

by Rohan Mathew

Facebook is a wide platform for advertisers, because it have powerful targeting ads and affordable costs. Facebook ad costs vary based on number of factors, including audience, industry, goals and optimization settings, these costs are competitive and well within reach of smaller businesses.

  • Target of certain audience is more important 

In social marketing, Facebook ad help to reach your audience by brand running ads. If your ad is for all kind of people then it high your ad cost, when you target certain audience by their needs and wish to have will low your ad costs. Narrowing a target audience is more important to in social marketing, it help to reduce competition from other brands running their ads to similar audience who you target. So what is your next step to target your audience, promotion by content will resonate closely with target individuals. It means ads want to appeal on certain audience interest by demographic, geographical area will give best chance of gaining clicks. In International markets your ad cost will be cheaper than your estimate value.

  • Creativity help to set ads in Facebook

Facebook can run multiple ads concurrently with same budget, so creativity which means using different combination of texts and images, will able to spot trends in the ads. Advertisement crafting is the best way to get your best value from your ads budget. Creativity using images and texts make a fascinating effect on your ad costs that help to lower your ad cost.

  • To lower your Facebook Ad costs use bid cap

What is bid? People mostly used to bargain to assure low cost to their products, here bid help to target your audience and they help to lower your ad costs. Passion digital manages bid for their clients, especially for app installs, based on life time value of an individual lead or sale.

  • Audience overlap 

Facebook audience overlap tool help to notice that audience were overlapping significantly, if they are than choosing audience is more relevant in digital marketing. If they have overlaps, than exclude those audiences to avoid bidding.  So, you must create to different audiences, people who interested in ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘startup company’, when you check audience overlap on Facebook they are the two in common. Mostly, 50% of Startup Company want to be entrepreneur.  When campaign set up on target on those two different audiences and ad sets without any audience exclusion and pay that make $0.10 per click, it may leads to waste up to $220,050 in the ad auction. Instead, the interest in entrepreneurship in the startup company audience and vice versa, can make overlap tool again to got 0%.

  1. Use video as advantage to lower your ad costs

Video campaign about your product lower your cost, mostly video is an average of 10% of the single image ads. Can pay on average from $0.15 to $0.50 per click on video campaigns, when it cost $2.00 for single image ads for the audience. Every time Facebook values video content ads because it give bigger impression to audience.

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