How to choose the best inverter for your home?

The power input solution is commonly known as Power inverter or inverter in India. Choosing the right inverter and battery is the most important factor in building a real power backup solution. In this article, we discuss how to choose the right battery and the right size or size. Try the Inverter selector to select the exact inverter and answer stupid questions without reading any of the purchase guidelines.

The three main components of the energy storage solution are

  1.   Electric power to charge the battery
  2.   Inverter battery to maintain DC current
  3.   Inverter

Inverter purchase route

The electrical grid is the default and connecting power supply to your home. Power from the electric gate charges the battery. In the case of an electric cutting battery DC current needs to be converted to AC current with the help of an Inverter. But usually the most powerful backup solution is the inverter in India. We discuss the inverter and battery purchase directors in two different parts as clearly as possible.

Inverter capacity Calculator

The best home inverter is the standard for the full load you need to support. The actual formula is full load support, divided by the power factor. There is a loss of function in the energy conversion indicated by electricity. In other words, we are comparing the power consumption by dividing it with a power factor.

The inverter power is measured in Volt Ampere, generally abbreviated as V. In all product descriptions the level of V is mentioned.

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Inverter VA vs Battery WA

The inverter volume is measured in WA and the battery voltage is measured in WA. We will discuss more the amount of battery in the battery purchase document. Do people wonder why there are two powers? What is the purpose of each ability?

Here is a simple example. Think of a water well, you use a bucket attached to a rope to draw water from a well. The water in the well can be compared to the amount of battery, rather than the size of the bucket inverter capacity. You may feel that full battery life is an energy-saving and that the inverter is a lot of money that you can work on at the same time.

So there has to be a proper match between battery capacity and inverter volume. Even if you buy a large battery, and a low capacity inverter (example: 600 VA) so you can not support a refrigerator or fewer fans, because their full size exceeds the 600 VA.

Sine wave inverter vs Square wave inverter

As we discussed earlier the inverter converts DC current to AC current. But depending on what the current AC looks like, the inverters are classified as Sine wave inverters or Square wave inverters.

It is always good to have a Sine wave inverter even though it is expensive due to the safety and long life of the equipment. There are refined sine wave inverters as well which are cheaper than sine wave and more expensive per square with moderate performance. In a sense they are placed between sinewave and squarewave and very few modes are available in the market so you can safely ignore them. You can read more about Sine wave 12v 1000watt inverter vs Square wave inverter in our other post.

Inverter vs UPS

The main difference is the delay of time. UPS is used on normal mode only to secure your system. If you connect a desktop computer to an inverter, any power loss, turn off the computer as it takes a microsecond to fall over the backup power solution. The inverter is not suitable for computer protection due to slow switching. Computer crashes not only lead to data loss, unsaved programs, but also can damage hard disks and boards.

Before buying an Inverter check the wiring of the house

These homes must have space or storage facilities. It is easy to provide a backup of a full house with the help of an inverter from the main sauce. But to provide backup to a full house you need a large-size battery and inverter. In most cases, people want to provide backup to a select few fans, lamps and appliances. In that case, the wiring should have such a mechanism to allow the use of a few selected tools on the inverter. So first consult your wiring technician and have it done before you buy an inverter and battery.

Large appliances need a lot of power needed to start the device, for example, AC and refrigerators. Battery demand is also high. So you should not remove these large pieces of equipment from the inverter wiring.

Last check before completing Inverter

  •         If you are a first customer, try buying the Inverter, battery combo.
  •         It is best to buy an Inverter trolley so that you can install the inverter, and the battery inside the trolley. It’s easy to navigate if you install the Inverter, and the battery in the trolley. Before buying a trolley make sure you have enough space in the house to install the trolley

Lastly, make sure your home has a proper floor, to prevent accidental electrocution.

Look at warranty, a long warranty means better products. As we said the price of the battery increases when the warranty increases.

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