How to Develop a CRO Strategy to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is quickly becoming the predominant strategy to convert website visitors into buyers or subscribers. It is an important concept for every brand that runs a digital business. If your website invites impressive traffic but doesn’t generate as many leads, it shows a problem in your CRO strategy. Working on conversion rate strategies can be a long-term solution towards getting more buyers and subscribers. With increasing competition in the digital space, no online business can survive without a sound CRO strategy. Today we will guide you through the various steps and help you optimize your conversion rate. 

SEO and conversion rate

Before you jump into working with your conversion rate optimization, you have to ensure that your search engine optimization (SEO) is in place. Website visitor tracking begins with having visitors, and SEO helps with that. 

SEO and CRO are deeply intertwined. If your SEO is solid, it will take fewer efforts to devise a CRO strategy. In the absence of traffic, CRO can become even more difficult. For example, when you have a thousand visitors, you get more user data to figure out what is working. With data from only 100 visitors, doing the same would be much more difficult. 

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Now we will move to strategies and tips that help with conversion rate optimization. 

Know your customer

CRO begins with knowing your customers. One of the easiest ways of getting information from customers is through polls and surveys. While polls are great for quick responses, surveys help you with deeper behavior analytics. While designing a poll or survey, ensure the questions are short and intriguing. Never repeat similar questions or ask hard-to-understand questions. Once you have enough data about your visitors, their buying patterns, and pain points, you can move to the next steps. 

Analyze the data you collect

Once you have substantial data about your visitors, analyze them to find out patterns. For example, you might discover that most people find you through social media. In that case, you can make your social media marketing more aggressive and focus less on other aspects. Similarly, if people complain about high prices or unavailability of goods, start working on those areas. You can use a tool like WatchThemLive to help you with the process of deciphering user information. The important part is to apply the knowledge you get out of this information. 

Optimize your landing page

The first thing visitors see when they click on your website is your landing page. Naturally, what happens here has a huge bearing on your conversion rate. Here are a few things to take care of on your landing page:

  1. Ensure that it is smartphone compatible
  2. Reduce its loading time
  3. Do not clutter your landing page
  4. Use a clean website layout

However, you cannot determine the success of your landing page without putting it to the test. A/B tests are the most common tests for landing pages. Most popular landing page optimization tools come with A/B testing. It lets you compare two landing pages to see which one has a higher conversion rate. These tools can also help generate heatmaps. Heatmaps show you where the visitors click the most on your landing page. With this data, you can design your landing page more effectively. 

Apart from optimization tools, you also need to use session replay software. These tools tell capture a user’s experience on your website, starting from why they visited, what they did, and why they left. Data from session replay tools is very important for UI/UX designers, CRO experts, and web designers. 


With these tips, ideas, and tools, you can significantly boost your conversion rates. Remember that it would take time for the results to show up. However, once you have cracked the code, your conversion rate will keep increasing steadily. 

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