How to download QuickBooks file doctor

How to download QuickBooks file doctor?

QuickBooks is a versatile software that is designed to perform a host of technical, accounting, and managerial work responsibilities conducted in everyday business. Such as tracking expenses, losses, creating an invoice, preparing tax and payroll system tools. With the use of QuickBooks, a business can work on other key and important functional areas whilst the software does most of the other work easily. 

Apart from that, QuickBooks has also created another great tool called, QuickBooks file doctor. This tool allows to deal with company file matters and other errors before things turn out ugly and irrecoverable. There is various aspect associated with the tool which if you understand, can help you handle your business well without any glitch.

QuickBooks File Doctor- A Brief Idea

If you are facing any issues concerning any damage or corruption in the company file, network issues, and more, you can handle it well with QuickBooks File doctor. The ultimate property of this tool is to identify and repair bugs, and clear away any error that creates any obstacles in functioning of the software. QuickBooks File Doctor is a very simple, realistic, and easy to handle tool allowing the user to fix issues of all types like data corruption, network problems window 

diagnosis, and more. The tool came into existence by Intuit in the year 2012. Before this, other programs were used to  detect and solve errors. The earlier tools were the QuickBooks company file analytic tool and QuickBooks network connectivity analytic tool. Now, with the successful launch of the QuickBooks File Doctor, the two tools get merged into one. 

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Issues Fixed by the Tool

When you have the tool with you, you can fix many issues that are related to the company file. As it is very important to secure company files, the issues associated with it needs to be addressed on time. If you are undergoing issue of a completely damaged company file, network problems like H505, H202, H101, etc. With that, there is another error code as well displayed on the screen linked to error -6000 or -82, QB Error -6000, -305, QB Error -6147, etc. This tool can help resolve it in no time. 

  1. Connectivity Issues with the network
  2. Errors constantly occur in the company file
  3. Data damage issues
  4. You are trying to update QuickBooks and it is impossible to do it
  5. -6000 series error occurring a little too much
  6. Access denied to the QuickBooks database server manager
  7. Errors are frequently occurring in a multi-user environment
  8. Your vendor list is empty
  9. Malware presence is suspected

Advantages of Using the tool

Before digging in deep, it is important to know what other benefits and advantages would one receive from QuickBooks software. 

  • For network issues that are very common every day, this file doctor tool will be of a great help.
  • One very common error like the -6000 series will be eliminated in no time.
  • Some errors can damage your business files and data like H101, H303, H202, or H505. These threats will occur a lot less. 
  • If in case a user has lost certain crucial data, there is the possibility of recovering it.
  • In order to acquire a company file from a system, which is stored in another system then QuickBooks File doctor is a perfect choice.
  • In situations where data is about to be damaged, QuickBooks file doctor will become a solution.

How to Download QuickBooks File Doctor? 

Downloading only requires a few simple steps to follow:

  1. First of all, the user needs to download the latest tool and if they have an older one, delete it and install the newer version.
  2. Download QB file doctor from the official site of Intuit.
  3. Open the “qbfd.exe file”
  4. You will have all the instruction to install the tool on your device.
  5. Once you follow it, the QuickBooks file doctor will automatically open.
  6. It will automatically open the QuickBooks Doctor file on your system after it gets installed.
  7. If it doesn’t open, go to the start menu and then manually open the tool by clicking on the icon.



QuickBooks file doctor is an excellent and versatile tool for diagnosing all the QuickBooks file issues and errors or any other problem. You can repair your company file in no time and this is a great way to secure ad backup all your files without having to do it manually. Although, for the safer side, you should keep a backup of your file on a drive. To avoid such errors, you should keep on updating your software for smooth functioning. Do not let these petty errors disrupt you from doing your business functioning. 

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