Science Stream After 10th: Things to Remember When Making the Big Decision

The world is going through an adamant phase, with the ever-increasing number of covid-19 cases. The heartbeat of students is also increasing. We cannot deny that our education system has been the worst affected during this pandemic. But! Thanks to online classes that have shifted classroom in our home. Being children are learning through mobile teacher apps

We all know, many children have scored good marks while there has been a decrease in the performance rate of some students. We cannot predict the date when we will be free from this virus, but board exams have been announced, and it’s time to gear up. 

Boards are the vital part of a schooling phase and the turning and the deciding part in students’ lives. Talking about the 10th Board examination, it is conducted every year, and many students pass with good grades while some could not make it pass. Some get outstanding marks, while some fail to score good marks.

The 10th board examination is the deciding point for every candidate appearing for the boards. It is a turning point because your 10th board score will decide whether you will get your dream stream or not. 

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Students decide at a very early age what they want to become, and according to that, they set their target marks on boards. Though every stream offers equal opportunities today, each student has their own preferences. Some want to go for a science stream; some want to opt for commerce, while some prefer an arts stream.

But before choosing a stream, children should pause and think for a while and then decide. It is essential twice before selecting a stream because their whole future depends on the chosen stream. 

In this article, I will discuss some questions that strike your brain while choosing a science stream. Let’s have a look at them and try to find an answer. So let’s get started.

  1.   Whether Should you take the science stream or not? 
  • The answer to this question will vary from student to student. One student doesn’t need to be the choice of the other student too. Every student has their own taste and preferences. If you ask a science lover student, they favor the science stream. But, if you ask the same question to commerce or art lover students, they will advise not to choose a stream. 

If a student is confused about choosing maths biology, then going for PCMB is the better option. 

  1. Is opting for the science stream without maths after 10th even possible?
  • Yes, opting science stream without maths is possible. Suppose if you want to opt for biology, then, in that case, you can skip maths. But! If you want to opt for the engineering stream, maths is compulsory. 
  1.   What subject is available in the science stream.?
  • Every stream requires a set of subject which is different from one another. In the science stream, you will get to study PCM- physics, chemistry, and mathematics, while in PCB, you will get a chance to study physics, chemistry, and biology as the main subject. Apart from this, English is a compulsory subject for both the engineering and medical stream. Apart from these, students can also get a chance to study Hindi, Sanskrit, computer, economics, IP, physical education, etc., as a side subject. In some states, physical education has become a compulsory subject. 
  1. What is the carrier option in both PCB and PCM?
  • career option in PCB-

some of the career options have been listed below-

  1. B Pharm – Bachelor in Pharmacy
  2.  BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  3.  B Sc Horticulture – Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  4.  B Sc AH (Animal Husbandry) Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  5.  B Sc Rehabilitation Therapy
  6.  MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  7.  B Sc Home Science
  8.  B Sc – Nursing
  9.  B Sc Agriculture – Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  10.  B Sc Zoology etc. 
  11. Career option in PCM- 

Some of the career options in PCM are listed below-  

  1. B.Tech/B. Engineering in Computer Science
  2. B.Tech/B.Engineering in Aerospace Engineering
  3. B.Tech/B.Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  4.  B.Tech/B.Engineering in Electronics and Tele-communication
  5.  B.Tech/B.Engineering in Information Technology
  6.  B.Tech/Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical
  7. B.Tech/B.Engineering in Chemical Engineering
  8.  B.Tech/B.Engineering in Sound Engineering
  9. BSc in Home Science
  10.  BSc in Environmental Science
  11.  BSc in Statistics
  12.  BSc in Fashion Technology
  13.  BSc in Nautical Science
  14.  BSc in Geology
  15.  BSc in Clothing and Textile etc. 


Like every other field, the science field also offers a list of questions and answers that usually hits one’s mind while selecting a science stream. But! One should never forget to choose only those streams which they want. Selecting a stream because of some pressure will have an adverse result. 

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