Tips for beginners to start trading Forex

If you are just about to venture into trading Forex or are just thinking of it, we are sure you need some proper advice to begin with. To start trading Forex, it is important to start with the basics; the exchange rate of a currency. It is the rate at which a certain currency is exchanged for another quoted currency, i.e., the exchange price.

Something that should, of course, be made very clear from the start is that in the Forex market, all currencies are quoted in what are called “Pairs.” For example, the most commonly used pair is EUR/USD, which stands for “Euro versus US Dollar.”

In these markets, there are a large number of factors that will directly affect the rates of currency pairs. Among these factors, we have economic factors (such as production or inflation), political, and even psychological factors, as you can see in our guide to the factors that affect the Forex market. These factors mentioned above greatly impact the markets, which is why they determine whether to buy or sell a particular currency pair.

To understand the above with more clarity and ease, we will see an example of a Forex operation:

We will be using the most common currency pair in Forex, EUR/USD. It means EURO will be our base currency, and DOLLAR will be our tradable currency. This represents how many US Dollars can be bought with one Euro.

If, based on the analysis, it is believed that the Euro will have an increase in its price against the dollar, what we must do is “BUY” euros. On the other hand, if the exchange rate rises in our favor, we will “SELL” the euros, thus obtaining a profit. That would be the basic concept of how profits are obtained in operations.

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How to start trading Forex?

The first thing you need to do is choose the Forex broker, and of course, we also have to choose the right CFD to start trading. If you want to find the broker specifically suited to your needs, it’s advisable to read many broker reviews, such as FxRevenues review, and see what’s in store for you there.

Leading brokers in the Forex market have demo and completely free accounts. They also offer tutorials and have highly-trained customer service agents at your disposal in case you need help, advice, or additional services.

You can get many brokers that offer different benefits depending on your needs. It is essential that you make your decision wisely and consider different options before venturing into the world of Forex and consider the risks that this represents. It is important to always start with very small capital that we are ready to lose since it is very difficult to make a profit in forex trading, and most traders lose money while operating in the market.

Once you have chosen your Forex broker, have sufficient training, tried demo accounts, and understand the risks of forex trading, you can think about making your first real trade.

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