Using Church Banners To Convey COVID Safety Plan To Members

The global pandemic has left people stranded and ruined for different reasons. You might just hear that someone attending the church has tested positive for coronavirus. Before things go wrong, it is necessary to inform more people about the norms of social distancing and the COVID safety plan to consider. 

Things to know to get started

The church leaders are in affix when it comes to balancing the current situation. However, if your church has decided to resume in-person service, the accountability of protecting the community members is the key. You need to remind the members of the church about the social distancing norms and how people should pay more attention to hygiene. At the same time, you need to remain flexible and allow the members to practice the social distancing rules to the extent of their personal comfort.

Estimating the personality of the church 

Is the personality of your church professional or engaging? It might also have an inviting undertone. Once you explore the personality of the church, you can determine how the signs match your personality.

  • You can play with words as much as you can to convey your message about social distancing.
  • Do you want to convey about the social distancing norms directly or you want to be a bit more sophisticated in handling your needs.
  • Do you want the message to focus on church members or guests?
  • If you want to talk about the social distancing signs specifically or do you want it to cater to the preference of distancing?

The church authorities must remember that the chances of coronavirus spreading in high risk areas are more than the relatively less populated areas. Therefore, the church banners highlighting the message of safety need to keep that in mind before deciding to go ahead with the designs and patterns. 

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Consistency of terminology 

When you design church banners for the surrounding areas of the church, such as the parking lot, foyer, restrooms, area for kids, and the entrance, you must try to keep the terminology similar. Read the points below to learn more.

  • You need to keep the context of words similar when referring to masks and try to adhere to similar words.
  • The message about insisting the community members to use masks can differ based on whether you recommend or talk about its requirement.
  • When conveying a message about COVID safety and the necessity of masks, you need to know what to highlight to the community.
  • Be sure to help people understand that they need to put on the mask when a service happens and make them convince how to help people abide by the decision.

Several churches have refrained from mass gatherings and the congregations have preferred holding the gatherings outdoors so that people can follow social distancing norms more appropriately. However, the question is how to inform the community members about the latest updates. The answer is using an appropriate church banner. With weather-resistant banners and signage in the outdoor area of the church, the congregations can hold the services without worrying about the safety of people.

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