What Is Alias In Wazirx?

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WazirX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, offers a range of features aimed at enhancing user experience and security. Among these features, the concept of an “alias” stands out as a convenient tool that streamlines cryptocurrency transactions and simplifies the complex nature of crypto wallet addresses.

What Is Alias In Wazirx?

In simple terms, an alias in WazirX serves as a user-defined label or nickname associated with a cryptocurrency wallet address. Rather than dealing with long, complex strings of alphanumeric characters that typically constitute a cryptocurrency address, users can assign an alias to these addresses, making transactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

Purpose And Benefits Of Using Aliases

  • Simplified Transactions: The primary benefit of aliases is their ability to simplify the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. Instead of manually copying and pasting lengthy wallet addresses, users can use an alias they’ve set up to identify the recipient, reducing the chances of errors during transactions.
  • Enhanced Security: Aliases can contribute to improved security by minimizing the potential for human error. Addressing transactions by aliases decreases the likelihood of mistyping or sending funds to the wrong address, a risk associated with handling lengthy crypto wallet addresses directly.
  • User Convenience: By allowing users to create custom labels for wallet addresses, WazirX enhances user convenience and accessibility. Users can assign aliases based on their preferences or based on the purposes of specific addresses (e.g., savings, trading, etc.).
  • Privacy: Using aliases can offer a layer of privacy by concealing the actual complex wallet addresses associated with transactions. This can add a level of anonymity, although the underlying blockchain remains transparent.

How To Use Aliases In Wazirx?

Creating an alias in WazirX is a straightforward process:

  • Access Your Account: Log in to your WazirX account through the web or mobile app.
  • Navigate to Wallet: Go to the wallet section where you manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • Select the Specific Wallet Address: Choose the wallet address for which you want to create an alias.
  • Create Alias: Look for an option or button to add an alias or label to the selected wallet address. Enter the desired alias and save the changes.
  • Using the Alias: When initiating a transaction within WazirX or transferring funds externally, you can use the alias instead of the full wallet address.


Aliases in WazirX represent a user-friendly approach to handling cryptocurrency transactions. By providing a simpler, more personalized way to label and manage wallet addresses, aliases streamline the crypto experience, making it more accessible to both seasoned traders and newcomers to the world of digital assets.

While aliases offer convenience and security, it’s crucial to maintain best practices in crypto transactions, such as verifying addresses and ensuring the security of your WazirX account to safeguard your digital assets effectively.


What Is Alias In Payment?

An Alias is a credit card or bank account number stored on our platform. It is linked to the owner of this card/bank account who has authorised you to store this data during an initial transaction. This allows you to re-use the card/bank account at will for subsequent payments.

What Is Alias In Crypto?

The alias is unique on the blockchain. One address can have several aliases. The alias can be used instead of the address: In Transfer, Mass Transfer and Lease transactions to identify a recipient, as well as in Invoke Script transactions to identify an invoked dApp.

What Is Alias Banking?

Alias accounts are payment accounts and they are considered bank accounts. They have a bank number, branch number and bank account number. They connect the payment accounts (3680) to the banking world (2025) by associating a payment account with a bank account.

Is It Safe To Use Wazirx?

That being said, WazirX is generally considered a safe and secure platform. It uses advanced security measures, such as two-factor authentication and encryption, to protect users’ accounts and data. It is also registered with the Indian government and complies with all applicable regulations.

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