What Is GP Rating?

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In the vast realm of the maritime industry, numerous roles and designations contribute to the seamless functioning of ships and vessels. Among these, the term “GP Rating” holds significant importance. Let’s delve into the intricacies of GP Rating and its crucial role in maritime operations.

What Is GP Rating?

GP Rating stands for “General Purpose Rating,” a pivotal designation within the maritime sector. It encompasses a specialized role responsible for assisting various operations on board ships. Individuals working under this designation handle a wide array of tasks, aiding in the smooth functioning of the vessel.

Responsibilities And Duties

The responsibilities of a GP Rating professional are diverse and integral to maritime operations. Some of the key duties include:

  • Assisting Navigational Operations: GP Ratings support the navigation team by helping with steering, lookout duties, and other essential tasks during navigation.
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping: They contribute significantly to the maintenance of the vessel, ensuring cleanliness and functionality across different sections.
  • Cargo Handling: GP Ratings assist in cargo handling operations, aiding in loading and unloading procedures, ensuring cargo security, and maintaining inventory.
  • Assistance in Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies, GP Ratings are trained to assist in executing safety protocols, including firefighting, life-saving drills, and other crucial procedures.
  • Supporting Engineering Functions: They aid the engineering team in various tasks, contributing to the smooth operation and maintenance of machinery on board.

Qualifications And Training

Becoming a GP Rating professional typically involves undergoing specific training programs and obtaining necessary certifications. These qualifications equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required for the role. Training covers areas such as:

  • Basic safety procedures
  • Navigation and lookout duties
  • Cargo handling techniques
  • Firefighting and safety protocols
  • Engine room operations and maintenance basics

Career Progression

A career in the maritime industry often allows for growth and advancement. GP Ratings often use their experience and expertise to advance to higher positions within the maritime hierarchy. With further education, certifications, and experience, they can progress to roles like Able Seaman (AB) or pursue specialized roles within specific departments on board.


GP Rating professionals play a crucial role in maintaining the operational efficiency and safety of ships. Their versatile skill set and dedication ensure that various tasks on board are carried out efficiently, contributing to the overall smooth functioning of maritime operations.

In the dynamic and challenging environment of the maritime industry, the role of GP Rating remains indispensable, showcasing the importance of skilled professionals in ensuring the success of maritime ventures worldwide.

Always remember, behind every successful voyage, there’s a team of dedicated maritime professionals, including the invaluable GP Ratings, working tirelessly to keep our seas safe and vessels sailing smoothly.


What Is GP Rating Salary?

In training period as an Ordinary Seaman gets 200-300$(Rs 12000-18000), after 9 months of sea service as an Ordinary Seaman candidate gets Watch keeping Certificate then candidate gets promoted as Able bodied seaman(AB) salary 1000-1500$.

Is GP Rating A Good Course?

GP Rating course is one of the most demanding job courses where you can find employment. It all depends on how you find employment. However, it all depends; if you have been sponsored by a good company or get good grades from a reputable educational hub, you have a bright future.

What Does GP Rating Mean?

GP or General Purpose Rating candidates are those who have been trained in both Deck and Engine Room tasks. They are trained to work on either deck or Engine department according to the requirement of the company.

Who Is Eligible For GP Rating?

(a)Pass with aggregate 40% marks in 10th standard with science, Mathematics as subjects. (b) The candidates must have secured minimum 40% marks in English in 10th standard exams. (a)Pass in 2-Year I.T.I course from Govt. Approved institute with minimum 50% aggregate marks in final year.

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