What Is Apple iCloud and What Can I Use It For?

If you’re an iPhone or MacBook user, you need to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of everything that Apple has to offer. iCloud happens to be one of the best services that you can use in a variety of ways. 

When you discover the many different ways to use this platform, it can be revolutionary to your life. 

So what is Apple iCloud? How can you make the most of it? We’re happy to explain. Keep reading this guide to using Apple iCloud so that you can get the best from it. 

What is Apple iCloud?

Apple iCloud was first and has since remained a mainstay for the company. It’s a cloud-based service that lets you back up all sorts of data. You sign up for an Apple iCloud account that you can access on any device. 

Anyone with an Apple ID can get access to iCloud. You get a small amount of space for free and will pay a monthly fee if you intend to upgrade your storage capacity. 

There are a variety of reasons that people use iCloud, and you’ll find a way to use it for your needs once you understand the best way to go about it. 

Apple iCloud Can Store Your Multimedia

When you’re first learning how to use Apple iCloud, you will likely start by storing photos and video. Today’s iPhones typically come with a limited amount of built-in hard drive space, along with the ability to use iCloud for any additional storage. 

You can set your iPhone up to automatically sync to the cloud so that your photos and videos are stored without you having to take any further steps. 

There are some easy tips you can follow that will help you get the most from your iCloud multimedia storage. 

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You Can Offload Apps

Your iPhone is also intuitive at helping you save space by offloading apps that you barely use. The phone will keep some of the memory and offload the rest of the data to the cloud so that it doesn’t take up too much space on your phone’s hard drive. 

This way, you can stock up on as many files as you need to without worrying about cluttering up your phone. 

iCloud is Valuable for Backing Up Your Phone

Finally, it’ll be helpful to use Apple iCloud to back up your entire phone. The last thing you would want is to lose all of your data and settings in the event that your phone breaks or crashes. 

Instead, you will be able to get back up and running with a simple iCloud backup. 

Learn How to Use Apple iCloud to the Fullest

Now that you’ve gotten answers to the question — “What is Apple iCloud?”, you’re ready to take steps that will help you use it to the fullest. These matters are important since people are more attached to their iPhones than ever. 

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