How Can Parents Spy on Their Kids PC to Keep an Eye on Them

How Can Parents Spy on Their Kids PC to Keep an Eye on Them?

The primary responsibility of parents is to protect their kids’ from any sort of harm that can cause them troubles. In the age of digital communication, kids are vulnerable to external threats and risks. So, the parents need to spy on their kids’ PC activities to negate any threats. 

Issues to address using PC spy software 

The idea to use PC spy software comes from the issues that kids face while using digital networks and internet. A large number of kids have faced cyber predating, sex offending, cyber bullying, and harassment issues while using social media and other communication platforms over pc and mobile phone.

The cyber criminals have objectives of finding sensitive information and privacy-related matters of kids that they can later use to blackmail and exploit them. Many of them look to identify the financial credential of the parents of the kids to gain financial benefits. 

  • Harassment
  • Cyber bullying
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

There is another side to the story as well. A number of kids consent fully involve in view sing and sharing sexually explicit, sensitive, and inappropriate content that can challenge their moral and ethical standing. 

So, the parents look to negate this sort of issues so that things may remain smooth for the kids. The situation gets worse when kids do not share the depleting harassment issues with the parents. 

The experts suggest to the parents that they should give their kids the necessary space and confidence so that they can share any kind of problem with the parents without any fear.

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Best PC spy software for parents – TheOneSpy 

There are plenty of spying services in the online marketplace that actively monitor and track all the activities of the kids over the computer, but the best one that comes to our knowledge is TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy, incorporated in 2011, is offering matchless spying services to its customers in the corporate sector and households. The software does all the monitoring without any hint to kid. 

The application is compatible to be installed on Mac and Windows operating systems. All that a parent needs to do is to buy a subscription of the app, login to the online portal, follow the prescribed steps for installation, and they are ready to put a mark for the protection of their child.

Prominent Features of TheOneSpy

Social media monitoring through monitoring software

One of the most striking features of the software is to monitor and spy on all the social media communication done by the kid. 

The images and videos shared, the voice notes exchanged, and all the group and individual chats can be monitored without any hassle. 

Social networking apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat furnish their users with the facility of making voice and video calls. These calls can be listened to in real-time using TheOneSpy. 

The parent can even record and save the phone calls without any hassle. 


Website blocking feature of the software

The website blocking feature of the software is truly amazing. It allows blocking a number of websites for access by the child. 

The websites that contain sensitive content and are vulnerable and prone to have criminals can be blocked for kids. 

Internal storage tracking facility of TheOneSpy

The internal storage monitoring feature allows spying on all the stored content in the computer. 

The images, videos, documents can be spied on for inappropriate content, and if the parent finds something of the same nature, it can be removed with convenience. 

The screen recording feature provides fair insights 

The screen recording feature of the app provides fair insights into the activities of the target user. The parent can view all the live screen activities performing on the computer screen. 

Surround recording feature bugs mic and camera

The surround recording feature of the app is state-of-the-art. It bugs the mic or front or back camera of the computer to view the surrounding of the child at any point of time.  


The problems of the parents with respect to their kids are discussed. The issues of harassment, cyber bullying, sex offending, and cyber predating are on the rise, but they can be coped with using TheOneSpy pc monitoring software.