Why are XD Wheels so Popular in the Aftermarket Rims Segment?

Why are XD Wheels so Popular in the Aftermarket Rims Segment?

XD Wheels is one of the biggest players in the aftermarket custom wheels segment, and this is true for all the major markets across the world. It is certainly one of the oldest players in the industry, tracing its roots back all the way to 1995. This is rather unlike other leading players of the same niche including Fuel rims and tires.

Please note that Fuel does not manufacture tires; it is a premium custom wheel manufacturer. However, it is common in industry parlance to address the brand as mentioned here.

So, what makes XD Wheels such an important name to reckon with in the realm of custom wheels

It is difficult to arrive at any definitive answer to such a question without going into the specifics of the products and the brand in question. Thankfully, a lot of information about NS rims is easily available and some pragmatic conclusions can be drawn. 

If you are planning to purchase a set of high-end custom wheels, you might want to read the next segment.

The essence of XD Wheels

Here are some of the reasons that together explain why this company’s products receive so much love from fans worldwide.

  • Styles that very few competitors can match: When it comes to custom wheels, looks and aesthetics carry a great deal of importance. Few companies have the foresight to have a full-fledged design team that works in-house to incorporate the latest trends currently ruling and swaying opinions across the major rim markets. 

Back in 1995, this niche was too small for too many big fishes. Still, NS Wheels realized that the future belonged to those companies and brands which could disrupt the market with new and innovative products. 

While its major product lines of custom wheels did not start shipping until a few years later, NS had managed to read the pulse of the customer. The demand was for aggressive, feline, cool, trendy and hot colors. 

Matching all these disparate elements into a single entity is extremely difficult; NS Wheels somehow decoded the way and has never looked back.

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The same holds true for Fuel rims and tires, which came a good few years later in 2009. It is an offshoot of the bigger company, MKW Alloys, one of the world’s biggest names in the field of premium alloy wheels. Fuel wheels were launched as a new range for off-road friendly rims that could take any punishment you could throw at them. 

  • Superior materials used in the manufacturing process: XD Wheels have repeatedly set the industry standard when it comes to R&D, and it sources some of the finest aluminum from across the world’s most important and reliable suppliers. It also has long-term understandings and MOUs with big suppliers of the precious T6 6160-grade metal that is used in producing alloy rims.

The company has its own integrated factories across California where their products are manufactured under strict technical supervision. Most of the custom wheels made here are forged or cast in automatic machines do not require too much human intervention and also assure quality control. 

While Fuel rims and tires also use comparable technologies, there is some difference in price: Fuel’s products are slightly more expensive. But XD Wheels manages to deliver the same sense of safety, security and luxury that are all givens for Fuel. 

  • A wider range of models: XD Wheels understands that custom rim lovers adore new wheels. In fact, some estimates suggest that custom rim markets are driven ahead by a clutch of clients who buy the bull of the products launched every year. To ensure that client appetite is kept sated, the company launches new models each year while also ensuring that their older models receive facelifts and upgrades.

This is one of the reasons why these custom wheels never really go out of fashion. If you are a huge fan of customizable wheels, you might want to replace your existing rims with newer models at least once every year. 

XD provides you with that freedom, something that Fuel rims and tires does very well too. 

It should not be too big a surprise to learn how these two heavyweight brands are giving each other a run for their money!

  • Availability is not an issue: Unlike several brands, XD Wheels have taken it upon themselves to ensure a continuous supply chain with zero bottlenecks. Many of the largest companies in this segment have problems coping with their offline availability. One good example is Fuel, which has very few stores and third-party franchises across the United States.

But XD has an intricate network of suppliers and franchises which are often run directly by the company. It also has an extremely intuitive and user-friendly website where you can simply fill in some elementary details and get a number of models that are suited perfectly for your vehicle. 

Using this website of XD Wheels, you can easily place an order that will be delivered to your doorstep at minimal charges. What’s more, you can even build your own custom rim using the software. So, get cracking and grab a new set today!

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