Why Salwar Suit is an evergreen suit style for Every Indian woman

The Salwar suit is an evergreen suit style due to its wide variety and benefit of fitting to any occasion subtly. This dress type has evolved over the years and has become the most cherished and versatile attire for Indian women. With its wide range of patterns and timeless techniques, the Salwar Suit is easy to make you appear captivating and attractive. Know more about the trending salwar suit online to style for Indian women and best tips to pick the same. 

Trending Salwar Suit Style for Indian Women

Alt Text : – Indian women wearing blue velvet salwar suit 

1. Handpainted Salwar Suit

This salwar suit set features a handpainted design on the kurta which showcases the rich Indian culture. The intricate pattern and vibrant colour make it a perfect choice for a wedding. Donning a handpainted salwar suit helps you stand out in the crowd and keeps you comfortable all day long. 

2. Handblock Salwar Suit

Crafted using the traditional hand-block printing technique, you can add a timeless charm to your style. The beautiful hand block pattern on the fabric helps create a rich and refined look. This is the best way to honour the Indian handloom and textile industry. 

3. Sharara Salwar Suit

The Sharara salwar suit is a stylish and glamorous choice for a wedding or any traditional occasion. The salwar suit comprises of sharara-styled bottom paired with a long or short kurta and a heavy dupatta.  This ensemble offers a contemporary twist to traditional wear, providing comfort and grace with its flowing silhouette.

4. Tie and Dye Salwar Suit

The tie and dye technique lends a vibrant and artistic appeal to this suit set. The fabric is intricately tied and dyed in beautiful patterns, creating a mesmerising effect. Perfect for a wedding, it exudes a bohemian charm and adds a burst of colour to your style.

5. Velvet Salwar Suit

Luxurious and regal, the velvet salwar suit is a classic choice for a wedding. The soft and plush velvet fabric adds a touch of opulence, while the intricate embroidery or embellishments enhance its elegance. It exudes a royal vibe, making you feel like a queen on your special day.

Alt Text :- Indian women wearing Blak handpainted Salwar Suit 

How to Pick the Right Salwar Suit Style?

If you want to don a salwar suit style for your next wedding party or a traditional get-together then here are some ways to pick the right piece for you. 

  • Consider your body type while selecting a Salwar Suit style. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, opt for an Anarkali suit with a fitted bodice and flared bottom to balance your proportions
  • Determine the purpose of wearing the Salwar Suit. Choose a simple and elegant style and design for formal events. Whereas, opt for bold designs for a festive occasion or wedding 
  • You should always prioritise your comfort by choosing the right fabric and fit. Choose fabrics like cotton and chiffon for a day look. Whereas, silk and velvet can be chosen for more sophisticated occasions
  • Never underestimate the neckline when choosing the salwar suit style. You can consider a neckline that complements your face shape and personal style. For instance, V-neck or boat neck suits flatter most body types
  • Choose patterns and prints which align with your style and preference. You can opt for intricate embroideries and prints for making a statement at any event. You can also opt for floral prints or block prints to offer a more casual and trendy look
  • Explore different dupatta styles, like plain bandhani dupatta or phulkari dupatta to add variation to your salwar suit style. You should also consider the fabric and design of the dupatta to enhance the overall look.
  • Select colours that complement your skin tone and reflect your personality. While traditional colours like red, blue, and green are popular, don’t be afraid to experiment with contemporary shades or pastel hues for a modern twist

Be it a wedding or a casual event, salwar suit is the perfect ensemble to radiate style and charm. You can pick a design and pattern based on your preference and taste to elevate your look. For achieving a classic traditional look, you can browse our latest collection at Aachho

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  1. What are the trendy salwar suit designs?

Ans. Handpainted salwar suit, hand block salwar suit, sharara salwar suit, and velvet suit are some trendy salwar suit designs. 

  1. What is the best way to pick a salwar suit design?

Ans. You should pick your salwar suit design by considering your body type, figure shape and personal taste. 

  1. Is the sharara salwar suit best for Indian occasions?

Ans. The Sharara salwar suit adds the required flare to look gracious on different Indian occasions.

  1. How to use a dupatta for different salwar suits?

Ans. You should consider the fabric and design of the dupatta to enhance the overall look for different salwar suits.