7 Things You Should Keep in Mind while Creating a Product Video for Your eCommerce Website

Did you know approximately 72% of potential customers have revealed that they like learning about products through videos? In fact, almost 84% of customers said that they were convinced to purchase a product only by watching a brand’s video

Probably that’s why marketing professionals are recommending adding product videos to eCommerce websites to level up one’s marketing game. This article will help you understand how to create videos, especially for products going up on your eCommerce website. Keep a video editor handy and these seven points in mind while making videos to boost your sales.

  1. Simplicity is the key

Focus on simple composition to highlight your product rather than shooting a complex and confusing video. You do not need bells or whistles to turn your product video into a success. An uncomplicated video can justify the theme and purpose of the video quickly to the audience. The minute you try to stuff elements and extraneous details into your video, it will confuse and distract your potential audience from understanding your product.  

Follow a simple, straightforward, and clean design with a core emphasis on informing a potential customer about your product to fulfill your sales goals. 

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  1. Edit your videos for better results 

Whether the quality of the video is good or average, you can always make it presentable enough with a video editor. You can find video editing websites that are available online and can use graphics, sound effects, text, animation, music, and color correction to make your video engaging. Even though experimentation with the different aspects might appear tempting, you need to be subtle while editing and not go overboard. 

  1. Show is mandatory 

People tend to believe things they watch. If you want your audience to believe you, you need to ‘show and tell’. You must demonstrate your product clearly to your customers and then tell them about it through various means. No matter how great your product looks, if the viewers cannot understand what it offers, it is of no use.

There are a few types of product videos that you can use for your eCommerce website. These product videos include:

  • Demo: This is the most basic ‘show and tell’, as it explains the ideal way of using the product. You can go for an animated video or shoot one to show the same.
  • Explainer: It generally includes the story and purpose behind the product you are offering. You can also use these videos to help explain the working of a product and focus on explaining how it addresses the potential customer’s problem areas. 
  • Tutorial: This is a step-by-step video entailing instructions on how to use your product details. It is an insightful way to answer all the possible questions of your customers.
  1. Call to action is a must

Even if you create an impressive and compelling product video, your efforts might be fruitless if your customers don’t know where to buy it from. Therefore, you need to add a call-to-action to lead your customers every time you create a product video. 

A call-to-action is usually placed at the end. It should be simple, short, and straightforward. It could either lead the customers to your website or directly to that particular product’s link. If you miss mentioning the CTA, you will bear the loss of potential leads. After all, potential customers don’t know how and what to do next. So, they might drop the idea of buying the product from you. 

  1. Focus on the components

If you wish to have an engaging and appealing product video, you must ensure that it contains all the essential components. The absence of the following elements will make your product video incomplete and make the consumer feel like something is amiss. Ensure your video checks against the following:

  • Product photography

You need to include plenty of 360-degree photos of your product to provide the audience an actual insight into what they would receive when they buy your product.

  • Dimensions 

You need to mention dimensions to depict whether your product is light, heavy, or feather-light.

  • Unique personality

You need to make your brand and product stand out through its innovative features, storyline, and even ideology.

  • Social proof

You can add reviews and testimonials to build credibility in your product. People tend to believe what other consumers (with the same problem areas and who have used the product) say about it.

  • A call-to-action

A call-to-action is a must to lead your customers in a particular direction.

  1. Focus on your target audience 

Another aspect you need to understand is the nature of your product and its target audience while creating the product video. If your target audience is youth, highlight relevant product features to engage with them. Even banking on other attributes like music, fashion, etc., in your video, can help strike a chord. However, if your product has a more exclusively intellectual audience, your product video is better off being informative. 

So, research, filter, focus on and understand your audience on the basis of demographics and interest. Your product video must be highly relevant to the potential customer in terms of both purpose and marketing.

  1. Build on emotion

People tend to relate more to things (including marketable products) that have an emotional appeal. So, to create an influential product video, tap into the emotions of your target audience. 

Apart from research, an individual’s instincts and gut feelings are also essential for making decisions. Usually, this factor is dependent on their emotions. If your product solves a big problem, use emotions revolving around the issue to market your product. If it offers comfort and assurance, try to connect the potential customers to that feeling of comfort.

Wrapping up

Now that you know about the seven things you should keep in mind while creating a product video for your eCommerce website, keep these tips in mind as well:

  • When in doubt, keep the background simple. Even a plain white background will work in favor of your product, allowing its features to be highlighted.
  • Your lighting source should be consistent, like good old studio lighting.
  • Make sure to add a compelling call-to-action.
  • Plan your videos for better shooting.
  • Shoot your videos from several angles for better prospects. You will then have a greater range of footage during the editing stage, from which you can choose the most striking ones that best highlight your product’s features.
  • Avoid shaky footage at all costs to appear professional.
  • Focus on crisp and clear audio.

We can simplify the process around creating the ideal product video by keeping in mind some essential tips for ideating,  shooting, and editing. These are a few of the things you can follow to further build your brand’s reputation through your crisp, clear product videos. 

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