How to get above 70 in class 11 English 

No need to panic about the English Subject. English is the subject that you are studying since the beginning of your school. It is neither new nor a difficult subject for class 11. It is a simple language subject. English is the subject that can increase your percentage as it doesn’t require much understanding and time. Giving at least one day a week to English is enough. The syllabus includes two books, Hornbill and Snapshot. One has to stay focused and study hard in preparation for exams. As for preparation, the problem arises from where and how to study, which study material should be referred to. Students took expensive coaching classes, home tutorials, and whatnot. Different institutions recommend different books which only increase the pressure and complications. But one should mainly refer to NCERT books. 

National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) are the books highly recommended by the CBSE for the preparation of boards.  The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for government and private schools, regulated by the Union Government of India. NCERT has provided a medium for students to enhance their mental ability with the help of easy-to-understand language used. Moreover, it has the capacity and power to influence students with its knowledge imparting nature. Subsequently, when we talk about boards it is the first step for a student towards their professional career. With NCERT students get the confidence of performing their best with clear concepts. Even after boards, various competitive exams inculcate knowledge imparted by NCERT. In other words, we can say that NCERT prepares a student for real-life competition. 

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Every Year CBSE comes up with a new curriculum and exam pattern. NCERT is the most recommended book for board examinations.  Students must refer to NCERT for a good score in board exams. NCERT is studied in both private and government schools. In the last few years, most of the questions are from NCERT Books. Students prefer numerous books by different authors which usually increases their pressure and confusion. It even complicates the easy concepts. It is always good not to rely on one book for a board examination but it is very important to clear your basic concepts. NCERT provides comprehensive knowledge on every topic. One must finish the full-fledged NCERT book then move on to another level to enhance their knowledge.

Few Reasons why students should prefer NCERT English Books for Class 11:

  1. Easy language

NCERT books have an easy and simple language which makes it easy to comprehend the concepts for better understanding.

  1. board Understanding

NCERT books provide a better understanding of every topic. It is easy to grasp from NCERT books. Also, it has good examples which develop the interest of the students.

  1. As per the CBSE curriculum

NCERT books are based on the latest CBSE curriculum. Every year there is a slight change in the CBSE syllabus, exam pattern hence NCERT includes all the latest changes and especially design for board examination.

Also, NCERT books are affordable to all students. Books are very costly and sometimes difficult to grasp. A good reading of NCERT books helps to score well. In the past few years, we have observed that mainly questions are from NCERT books only. In the mathematics exam questions are asked from NCERT examples.

Now coming back to how to score above 70 in English it’s not a big deal to score well in this subject. English is a subject that doesn’t require much time or understanding. By reading the chapters thoroughly students can score good marks in the English Exam. Students need to stay focused. 

Here are a few tips which can help to improve Score in Class 11 English:

  • Plan Accordingly

The English Exam is generally lengthy as it is divided into sections Reading, Writing, Literature, and Novel. Students should start to analyze accordingly. Students should know their strong areas. Some are good in the writing section, some in reading or literature. Some prefer to start with Writing as it requires thinking and time while others prefer to start from literature as they already read it.

  • Solve Sample Paper

Solving sample paper makes you better. The literature part is from the syllabus but reading and writing you won’t have an idea what would be related to it. Students need to practice both readings as well as writing sections as they carry many marks. It can be done by solving sample papers; it will help in enhancing their writing skills. Students can find out their weak areas and can work upon them. The English exam requires ample time by practising sample papers one can manage that as it will also help in increasing the speed. 

  • Write Easy Language 

Use easy language in the English Exam. One doesn’t need to use hard vocabulary to score well. What is important is that students are using correct grammar. Though Class 11 students are expected to write good vocabulary and correct grammar because they were studying the English language from the very start, they are expected to write papers according to their level. 

  • Read Thoroughly 

Students don’t need to study hard for English. It is an easy subject to score well. Read every line of the chapter and mark important points. Remember the chapter as a story it will be easier to grasp. Practice the exercise questions. Only the literature part requires good study time. Just give it a read and you are prepared. Write answers in your language.

  • Use correct Format

Students generally make mistakes when they use the wrong or incomplete format in the writing section. This section is all about testing writing creating plus knowledge about the formats. For writing letters, notices, advertisements, etc. formats play an important role. 

  • Neat and clean presentation 

Writing good handwriting will help in scoring some brownie points. Presentation matters in English exams especially in the writing section. While you write, do not forget to make a box. Use proper gaps and alignment. Headings should be mentioned in the centre then leave a gap before writing content,  add subheadings.

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