One tool to manage all SaaS subscriptions for your startup

Intentionally, several IT departments have allowed “distributed software purchasing decisions.” Employees have signed up for, purchased, and expensed software independently. As a result, SaaS has increased and is expecting to continue growing in 2019. However, many IT leaders now wonder if some “collaborative oversight”* may be necessary to ensure security, compliance, and reasonable costs.

The subscription-based economy boom is brought with it more competitiveness than before, raising the bar for companies trying to offer recure products or services to the customers. Look at the market today, and one might feel a little overwhelmed, and understandably so. Let’s see how to manage the BtoB marketplace for SaaS Startups for subscription in one tool.

Manage Subscriptions at Scale:

You can discover new revenue potential and turn them into outcomes with endless options to experiment with price models.

Here, retains better customers with proactive engagement, self-service and churn management.

You can get a view unified of all subscription and customer data in one place and engage with more context.

Create upsell opportunities through add on recommendations and product bundles.

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Intercom tackles this issue head-on. Intercom helps you build relationships with the customers through personalized, messenger-based experiences as a conversational relationship platform. The tool enables you to add chatbots to every page so that you can make sales, help customers, and answer questions. Intercom has an integrated help desk that allows you to qualify automatically, route, and convert leads. You can send targeting email, in-app, and push messages to customers, all to maintain an open line of communication at all times.


Userlane designs help people to understand any software, boasting a reduced time-to-value for consumers, along with increased preservation and user engagement. The software is a valuable training tool from an internal standpoint. Userlane states, it lowers training costs by up to 90%, boosts productivity in the company, and more than 60% of companies find their e-training ineffective.

If they are a SaaS business, especially subscription businesses do a lot of onboarding. It will be smooth onboarding processes that are beneficial for customers because they decrease scraping. Customers can learn the products faster, thanks to effective onboarding. Similarly, it has efficient employee onboarding saves time and capital resources.


Rewardful is a referral platform designing to bridge the gap between affiliate marketers and buyers. The tool is fully integrating with Stripe. It takes mere minutes to set up. It connects your company to a vast network of affiliate marketers interested in spreading the right word about your products.


Calendly can help you set up appointments with customers or clients. Then with automated scheduling, seamless time-zone detection, and integration with other apps and calendar tools. Scheduling is another area that can be automated to great benefit, as Calendly’s five million monthly users would undoubtedly attest.

ProfitWell Metrics:

We were designed ProfitWell Metrics with that concept in mind. The tool gives you several useful features that go above and regular beyond analytics. Here, our engagement metrics offer insight into how a customer reacts to variations in your product offering, which allows you to test and optimize the pricing strategy. 

ProfitWell features customer segmentation and acquisition tracking, which allows you to monitor which demographics are interested in your products and each customer’s lifetime value to focus on valuable customers in particular.


Hotjar has another way to offer gain access to the minds of the customers. Here, the analytics this tool offers lets you see which part of the webpages customers are float their cursors over or clicking on the most, gives you more powered information on what draws their attention.

The tool includes feedback polls, surveys, and various analytics tools that can help you optimize your pages for better performance.

Price Intelligently:

Price Intelligently by ProfitWell designs to calculate the optimal price strategy for the business using data-driven roadmaps, personas and market mapping, and localized price. Forget the guessing game. Our software also helps you audit the company’s pricing and compare it to that of competitors to make an informed decision on pricing.


Companies using many different tools can find that combination becomes a problem. When the tools you have set up to save time and money become clumsy to navigate, things aren’t exactly going according to plan. You can enter Zapier, a device that automatically connects apps like Slack, Mailchimp, and Gmail to streamline your internal workflow.


Hence, whichever tools you decide to work with, the main thing is that you recognize the importance of getting started. Subscription business tools can be handy, and the results you’ll see from using the right tools in the right way might astonish you!

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