Should You Settle For The First Settlement Offer After Personal Injury

Suppose you are involved in an accident and injured wrongfully in Los Angeles because of someone else’s fault. In that case, you may consider filing an insurance claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company. Once the insurance company receives your claim, you will be dealing with an adjuster who will investigate the case keeping the value of your claim and paying as little as possible.

The insurance adjuster will calculate the compensation amount by asking you questions about the accident. After that, you will receive an initial settlement which can be tempting to accept right at the moment. 

Should you settle for the first settlement offer after a personal injury?

Most of the time, the initial offer made by the insurance company is rarely a good offer. Obviously, the initial offer would benefit you to pay the medical bills and other expenses. But if you require additional medical treatments in the future, you will not be able to demand further compensation. Here’s how you should respond to the first settlement offer.

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  • Respond

Some people think they can alone handle the hassles of work while filing a claim with the insurance company, but it is always best to hire an attorney, especially when you are recovering from an injury. Your personal injury attorney will help you calculate the compensation, work with the insurance company on your behalf, and protect you from being taken advantage of by offering lowball settlements.

  • Take your time and analyze the offer

Like any other offer, it is not a good idea to accept a low offer emotionally. No matter how sad and in need of money you may be, never ruin the professional relationship with the other parties. Whatever you say and do can be used against you if you negotiate the offer. Keep in mind that the first settlement offer presented by the insurance company is the lowest one they think they can get away with.

  • Interrogate

Once you can keep your emotions aside, you can start asking questions. You can ask your insurance adjuster about how they made the offer based on the information they have. For example, if they provide you with a low offer due to missing information, provide them with the legit information.

  • Present the facts

Everything that has happened at the accident scene should be documented. Your injuries, vehicle damages, medical bills, lost wages, etc. will provide you with valuable evidence to support your claim.

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